Tropical Scents Essential Oil Set




  • Mentally uplifting & energizing oils included
  • Encourages a bright & cheerful atmosphere
  • Mood-boosting & energizing


Indulge in the cheerful feeling of sunny days and weekend getaways in the comfort of your own home with our Tropical Scents Home Set. Bringing to mind sunlit skies and soft breezes, these tropical blends capture the bright, optimistic sense of relaxation whenever you need it.

The fresh and airy aroma of Honeybell is a sparkling citrus bouquet with a green, fruity splash, and woodsy background. Let the uplifting juicy-fresh citrus scents fill your home to create a light and cheerful atmosphere. For an aroma that’s sure to bring a smile to your face and put a pep in your step, look no further than our Lime in the Coconut Blend. Zesty Persian and Key Limes, sweetened with Vanilla and topped with Copaiba and Peru Balsam, is a delightful treat any time of the year. The bold, fruit punch aroma of our Tropical Passion blend completes this collection with its refreshing, bright aroma. Fruity notes from Bucha pair with sunny citrus oils and the rich, marzipan-like scent of Bitter Almond to capture that carefree, upbeat vacation feeling.

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